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Abstinence Design

Qiang Wu(Wuyi University)


Abstinence design is a design that helps people to get rid of bad habits or hobbies for self-management purposes, which seems to limit people’s “freedom” and is contrary to the idea of designing “people-oriented”. However, it is not difficult to find out that only the design that can resist “human desire” is the design of “true freedom.” Abstinence design has the idea of green design and minimalist design. It is more in line with the Chinese culture and philosophy, and has positive significance for the improvement of the quality of individuals and even the whole nation. In designing abstinence products, in addition to the degree of desire and need to be treated differently, more guidance on design methods, such as fun, gamification, peak-end principle, etc., is required to enable users to achieve self-management more effectively.


Abstinence design; Freedom; Design method

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