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The Study and Investigation for the Ideals of New Generation Migrant Workers

Xiaowen Li, Liyi Jia


 (1) Objective: The study is to understand the overall situation of the ideas of new generation migrant workers and its influencing factors, so as to provide basis for the formulation of relevant countermeasures. (2) Methods: The article uses a self-made questionnaire for 613 new generation migrant workers to conduct a questionnaire investigation and statistical analysis of the results. (3) Results: The scores of the new generation migrant workers’ ideals from the highest to the lowest are life ideal, occupation ideal, physical ideal, development ideal and material ideal and the ideals have differences in gender, age, marital status and family residence. (4) Conclusion: The ideal levels are different and basically in the upper middle level.


New generation migrant workers; Ideals; Investigation

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