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Integration and Optimization of Railway Engineering Laboratory Resources under the Background of "Double First Class"

Zhiping Zeng(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Zhihui Zhu(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Weidong Weidong(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Ping Lou(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Wei Li(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Bin Yan(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)


With the continuous development of China's social economy, it has correspondingly promoted the development of the railway engineering experimental career, and has made tremendous progress in the cultivation of railway engineering experimental talents. At the same time, there are still many problems in the development of rail transit in the construction of "double first-class". Only by solving the existing problems can we further promote the smooth development of the training of railway engineering experimental talents. Therefore, the article mainly analyzes the problems and countermeasures of railway engineering experimental training, combined with the status and role of laboratories in the training of talents under the background of "double first-class", according to the society's demand for first-class engineering talents, we reformed and explored laboratory resource integration and optimization.


"Double First Class"; Railway engineering; Laboratory construction

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