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Research on Government Responsibility for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Minority Areas

Lan Leibin(School of health and tourism, Nanning College for Vocational Technology)


The protection of intangible cultural heritage is a long and arduous systematic project. It not only protects the heritage itself, but also protects its surroundings, including its historical, scientific, and emotional connotations and the elements of cultural heritage formation. In the protection of intangible cultural heritage, the local government will play a leading role and bear unshirkable responsibility for the success or failure of the construction. In the process, however, local governments are often affected by various factors, resulting in adverse phenomena such as government undertaking the whole things and protective damage. This paper takes minority areas as the research district to study the government responsibility for the protection of intangible cultural heritage.


Ethnic minority; Intangible cultural heritage; Government responsibility

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