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5 Vol, 2 No (2023) Emerging Strategies in Cancer Prevention: Focus on Targeted Interventions and Lifestyle Modifications Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Srinivasa, Franklin K. Srinivasa
5 Vol, 2 No (2023) Exploiting Viral Oncology for Cancer Treatment: The Potential and Limitations of Oncolytic Viruses Abstract   PDF
John C. Russell
5 Vol, 1 No (2023) Exploring the Potential of Viral Oncology in Cancer Immunotherapy: A Focus on Targeted Tumor Destruction Abstract   PDF
Pérez-Herrero E, Allavena P.
5 Vol, 1 No (2023) Nanotechnology-Based Strategies for Enhanced Radiotherapy Delivery and Tumor Targeting Abstract   PDF
Lucie E. Caru
5 Vol, 1 No (2023) The Role of Angiogenesis Inhibitors in Combating Metastatic Tumor Growth Abstract   PDF
Todo T.
5 Vol, 2 No (2023) The Role of Cancer Chemotherapy in Advanced Metastatic Tumors: A Comprehensive Review Abstract   PDF
Maki Takata
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